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B.E.S. Technology, Inc. understands the needs of our state and local partners and creates beautiful, accessible, intuitive, user friendly web sites using highly available and extremely secure cloud-based platforms for hosting.

  • B.E.S. Technology, Inc.  designs partner websites to be as intuitive and user-friendly as possible by creating clear and concise content as well as easily understood navigation menus. All B.E.S. websites feature responsive, mobile-friendly design that works on all devices.
  • We use industry leading cloud platforms like AWS to host partner websites.  This enables us to provide cloud level stability and availability of systems in a cost-effective way. All sites are hosted individually, in their own server instance, not grouped together in a single hosting platform, which enables us to provide our partners with maximum flexibility and customization.
  • Our designers adhere to WCAG 2.1/AA standards with use of the latest accessibility testing tools available, which go above and beyond ADA standards to offer the most accessible site possible. By designing from the start with accessibility in mind, we can create dynamic, effective sites without sacrificing usability or user experience for any of your users.
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