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HR Has Never Been So Simple

StoHR is HR in motion – a great tool for small to mid-size businesses that work in a big way. StoHR is the ideal way to manage employees, administration, staffing, and candidates all in one system. This product also allows you to have visibility into your hiring process and evaluate candidates with ease. These processes ensure that you have an all-inclusive HR system.

Seamlessly Manage New and Open Positions

  • Adjust search parameters
  • Add and remove positions
  • Alter display range for potential positions
  • Bookmark positions to find them with ease

Administer Users Effortlessly

  • Manage user accounts
  • Edit user information and authorizations
  • Filter specific data to users

Maintain Active Candidates

  • Filter numerous users rapidly
  • Explore all user information
  • Take the difficulty out of the hiring procedure

Ready to improve your HR experience?