Cyber Security

B.E.S. Technology, Inc. brings expertise to proper implementation of security guidelines and best practices. Our skilled professionals work in environments demanding the utmost security and are experts in working with government standards and industry best practices to innovate and deliver in a secure way complying with relevant customer security policies and postures.

Our Security Engineers are experts in the areas of encryption at rest, encryption of data in transit, and encryption of databases. Our Engineers are also experts in Operating System security (lockdowns and baselining), secure network configurations (routers, switches, firewalls), and security tools such as IDS and IPS. We have Certified Ethical Hackers and CISSPs on staff and can perform penetration testing and security auditing in addition to risk mitigation and planning.

Our experts can secure any commercial or open-source Operating System, as well as the middleware hosting your applications. We utilize government, commercial, and internal guidelines, and tools to scan systems for vulnerabilities, mitigate findings, and provision secure systems.  Our professionals have been working with security scanning and mitigation reports to maintain a strong cyber security posture.

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