Software Engineering

B.E.S. Technology, Inc. provides our clients with Software Development Engineering expertise for custom applications large and small. Our Software Engineers’ core focus is web application development and development of native mobile applications. We take pride in delivering effective solutions to our customers. Delivering these specific solutions means utilizing diverse frameworks and programming languages and artfully applying them to each problem to be solved. We support the entire software and development lifecycle from requirements to O&M. We also specialize in migrating customers from legacy enterprise infrastructures to cloud-based solutions. Our experience includes creation of libraries which facilitate feature enhancements and improve application performance.

Software and Services Include:

  • Project documentation
  • Defining, designing, developing, and deploying software and web applications
  • Application upgrades and technology stack refresh

Technologies Utilized Include:

  • Java/J2EE, Kotlin, Ruby, Python, Javascript, Typescript, Groovy, and Perl
  • Angular, Rails, Grails and Spring frameworks
  • Text extraction, indexing, searching, and clustering utilizing Lucene and Solr

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