eCommerce Platform Customization

B.E.S. Technology, Inc. provides eCommerce solutions to community markets and organizations, with full customization to suit our commercial partners’ unique needs.

  • B.E.S. Technology, Inc. provides partners with modern, secure, and high performing eCommerce platforms. We use a combination of open-source tools and custom-built code to ensure our platform meets partner requirements, including integration with third party systems that handle fulfillment.
  • Our toolset is highly customizable and extendable.  We don’t just integrate existing tools, we add value by building custom components that extend the capabilities of those tools.
  • We are actively working with community-based markets like Saint Isidore Market supplying custom capabilities and platform management to enable our partners mission.
  • We designed our initial platform with community markets and farmers markets in mind and are working with several partners to add capability and modernize the community market experience.

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