Who Are We?

B.E.S. Technology, Inc. is a small technology company focused on providing IT services to federal, state, local, and commercial customers. As Agile Development practitioners, we are experienced in supporting customers with both standard and heavily customized reporting that meets regulatory requirements.

What Do We Do?

Our core practice areas are Systems Engineering, Software Engineering, Cloud and On-Site Infrastructure Architecture and Engineering, Cyber Security, and Information Assurance.

Our History

B.E.S.’s founders, Guido Ellsworth and Paul Buede, had both worked for large companies with large company focus and goals, as well as small and medium companies with various corporate philosophies and visions in the federal space doing contracting, consulting, and product development.  Desiring to work intentionally toward building a company that was truly focused on supporting their customers AND employees, they embarked on the adventure that is B.E.S.  In May 2011, B.E.S. was formed as a company that was truly dedicated to those principles and to that vision.  By staying true to its founding principles, B.E.S. is steadily growing and attracting rock-star talent to the team, while also expanding its customer base.