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Redis Performance Basics Brian Geary

May 19, 2021

Redis (REmote DIctionary Server) is an open source, in-memory, NoSQL key/value store that delivers unparalleled speed, reliability, and performance.  This video demonstrates performance examples of keys vs scan and bulk loading using Redis Protocol. The code for this...Read More

Dealing with complex JSON using Java Brian Geary

June 6, 2018

JSON JavaScript Object Notation is a human readable format for storing and exchanging data. Many of us in the field of Information Technology have come across JSON at some point. JSON is used to store...Read More

Does the tool write the requirements for you? Brian Geary

January 14, 2018

Many years ago I worked for a large corporation and part of my job was to provide training on their requirements management product. Each course I was always asked “does the tool write the requirements...Read More