Charles Town Utility Board Website

Who They Are

The Charles Town Utility Board services the codified ordinances of the City of Charles Town, WV. The Utility Board’s goal is to create a user-friendly website to make important information accessible to website users.

The Challenge

The Charles Town Utility Board team presented us with a multitude of issues on their native website. The site lacked accessibility due to complicated navigation that created barriers between the end user and vital information. The outdated and non-cohesive design structure was ineffective on mobile devices and created a poor user experience for mouseless users. Due to the site not being user-friendly, updating the website was extremely tedious, time consuming, and complex, leading to sections of the site with outdated information or non-functioning content.

The Solution

To solve the problems presented in the original website we worked with the client to produce a customized site that catered to their specific needs. We redesigned the site page hierarchy so that relative information was appropriately grouped within their respective parent child relationships and in turn produced a much more intuitive navigation system. We designed the new site layout to function on both desktop and mobile devices and followed WCAG 2.0 standards to provide improved accessibility. The intuitive and robust Content Management System allows site content to be easily updated by non-technical administrative staff.

The Results

After launching the newly redesigned Charles Town Utility Board website, user retention increased dramatically. The end user is presented with an easy-to-use, accessible, and modern website. All information is now accessible via mobile and desktop views. The  updated website also provides the site administrators a platform they feel empowered and confident using to provide their visitors with a quality user experience.